Caring Concept

The treatment of our entrusted Patients takes place in your home or in special residential Home (here for request our brochure for assisted living) for people with critically ill underlying diseases which require a 24-hour readiness to intervene. For this purpose we include following diseases:
• Severe neurological diseases (ALS , FSME ...)
• Severe State after severe head - brain – trauma
• Advanced lung disease (for example, COPD)
• Lack of oxygen damage (eg . As to cardiovascular failure, cerebral hemorrhage, stroke)
• Muscular dystrophies and –atrophies
• Other ventilated diseases

The desire for self-determination and a personal shaping of own lives has in our care residential facility, regardless of age or existing assistance and care needs, the highest priority. For the self-esteem and quality of life of our clients this is of central importance to us. The heart of the living form is the body of the self-determination which the people themselves or their relatives/carers have a say in it .

Overview of our Services

• 24 hour care - 24 hour care provided by RNs nurses under intensive care (home ventilation care,coma patients...)
• Basic care - care insurance benefits as personal hygiene, dressing etc.
• Treatment care - health insurance benefits such as Tracheal cannula care, suction, syringes, dressings, infusion therapy
• Monitoring device parameters - monitoring of device parameters and the general condition
• Weaning - Weaning from mechanical ventilation in cooperation with specialists
• Reconciliation - Professional Reconciliation management in cooperation with the facilities made ​​redundant
• Help on application - help with applications and administrative procedures of health and nursing care insurance, and other service providers
• Nursing counseling - care advice by legal provision (§ 37 para 3 SGB XI.)
• Domestic supply - Acquisition of household activities related to take care of people
• Care and observation - around- the-clock care in the context of non-hospital intensive care
• Intensive Care-Escorting service - tutoring and accompanying services (for school/college, vacation,trips )
• Reintegration - maintenance and reintegration of the social environment

For all health and care funds approved!
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